William C. Houston

1005 W. Old A.J. Highway

New Market, TN 37820

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William C. Houston
My work over the past few years has consisted primarily of a series of watercolor landscapes and a group of small graphite drawings. I've explored the landscape of the East Tennessee area by making works that are extremely realistic, and at the same time by making the most of the improvisational nature of watercolors. The works are done by building up layers of color in order to obtain a degree of luminosity. Rather unusual techniques are employed to wear away the lighter areas to adjust the color in order to best represent the sky and land of this part of the country.

I have been strongly influenced by the Hudson River School and many other great Nineteenth Century American artists, along with several Modernists. I have also begun to work much larger, with some watercolors exceeding five feet in length. The landscape in this area of the country seems to inspire an endless source of images that create an artistic challenge for me.

My future direction will be supported by the use of a new, fully equipped studio/workshop. I've had a strong desire to return to oil painting after a fifteen year absence. The style and scale of the works will be the same, with an emphasis on further discovery and new challenges.

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